Dr. Mihri Ozkan
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

B.S., 1988 Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey
M.S., 1991 University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
M.S., 1994 Stanford University
Ph.D., 2001 University of California, San Diego

Office : (951) 827-2900
Fax : (951) 827-2425
e-mail : mihri@ee.ucr.edu
My research interests include the development of bio-assisted assembly methods for future nanoelectronics, and synthesis and application of novel hybrid, multi-functional and complex nanoscale systems for fabrication of better displays, solar cells and for cancer therapy. My research group members are coming from various backgrounds including electrical and chemical engineering and cellular biology.

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See publications

2005 Emerging Scholar, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2005

Participant to Keck's Future Initiatives Conference by invitation, National Academies, 2005

Regents Faculty Excellence Award, 2004

Frontier Research, Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology edited by Dr. David Awschalom, 2004

Invited Speaker, National Engineers Week, 2004

Visionary Science Award, BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology Conference, 2003
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