Faculty Participating in the Stem Cell Center

The Stem Cell Center has participating faculty from the College of Natural and Agricultural Science, the Division of Biomedical Research, The College of Engineering, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Dr. Stephen Ashwal, Department of Pediatrics; Loma Linda University,
Critical care issues in child neurology
Dr. Christopher Bardeen, Department of Chemistry,
Stem cell activation of local chromatin regions in the nuclei of growing tissue
Dr. Bir Bhanu, Department of Electrical Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Image and Video Database
Dr. Monica Carson, Division of Biomedical Sciences,
Microglial lineage and differentiation
Dr. Quan Cheng, Department of Chemistry,
Development of novel detection technologies for biological and pathogenic agents
Dr. Carl Cranor, Department of Philosophy,
Stem cell bioethics
Dr. Maggie Curras-Collazo, Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology,
Use of stem cells to improve recovery after traumatic brain injury
Dr. Kaustabh Ghosh, Department of Bioengineering,
Instructive biomaterials for in situ neovascularization and tissue regeneration
Dr. Jiayu Liao, Department of Bioengineering,
Signal transduction pathways in stem cells
Dr. Huinan Liu, Department of Bioengineering,
Dr. Richard Luben, Division of Biomedical Sciences,
Differentiation of bone marrow stem cells
Dr. Ernest Martinez, Department of Biochemistry,
Oncogenic transcription factors in self-renewal, proliferation, and differentiation
Dr. Manuela Martins-Green, Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology,
Stem cells in wound repair and regeneration
Dr. Ashok Mulchandani, Department of Chemical Engineering,
Creation of (bio)analytical devices, novel (bio)remediation technologies and nanostructured materials
Dr. Jernej Murn, Department Biochemistry,
RNA biology and epigenetics of stem cells and neurons
Dr. Jin Nam, Department of Bioengineering,
Utilization of intrinsic (scaffolding) and extrinsic (applied forces) biomechanical stimulation on mesenchymal stem cells in order to develop methodologies for repairing damaged skeletal tissues
Dr. Andre Obenaus, Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience,
In-vivo imaging of stemcells
Dr. Cengiz Ozkan, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Micro- and nano- electromechanical systems for biosensing and mechanical testing
Dr. Mihri Ozkan, Department of Electrical Engineering,
Development of biotechnology to study stem cell differentiation on a chip
Dr. Michael Pirrung, Department of Chemistry,
Use of small organic molecules to control differentiation
Dr. David Reznick, Department of Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology,
Evolution of stem cells
Dr. Victor Rodgers, Department of Bioengineering,
Fundamentals of transport phenomena, mathematical modeling, thermodynamics and kinetics
Dr. Frances Sladek, Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology,
Liver cell differentiation from stem cells
Dr. Ubaldo Soto, Department of Basic Sciences, Loma Linda University,
Stem cell mobilization
Dr. Stephen Spindler, Department of Biochemistry,
Aging of stem cells
Dr. Prue Talbot, Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology,
Development of quality control tools; toxicological testing with stem cells
Dr. Hideaki Tsutsui, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Stem cell control; biomedical microdevices
Dr. Juli Unternaehrer, Loma Linda University School of Medicine,
Cell fate choices in mammalian development and cancer
Dr. Ameae Walker, Division of Biomedical Sciences,
Hormonal regulation of stem cells
Dr. Yinsheng Wang, Department of Chemistry,
Using mass spectrometry (MS) to understand important biological problems
Dr. Aruni Wilson, Division of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Loma Linda University School of Medicine,
Human oral mcirobiome and systemic diseases; Human oral virome; Host pathogen interaction
Dr. Allan Wu, Regenerative Surgery Institute,
Translational technologies for improving safety and reliable outcomes in regenerative medicine
Dr. Sika Zheng, School of Medicine,
Activity, mechanism, function and dysfunction of gene regulation at the RNA level, coding and noncoding, in the brain
Dr. Wenwan Zhong, Department of Chemistry,
Development of novel bio-analytical techniques and to investigate host-pathogen interaction
Dr. Raphael Zidovetzki, Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology,
Homing of stem cells to ischemic regions following stroke
Dr. Nicole zur Nieden , Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology,
Differentiation of osteocytes
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